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Women in Procurement Spotlight | Amanda Prochaska

To celebrate Women's History Month, Wonder Services is thrilled to launch our Women in Procurement campaign, highlighting remarkable women who are shaping the future of procurement. Kicking off this series is an exclusive interview with Amanda Prochaska, our very own Founder & Chief Wonder Officer of Wonder Services. This Q&A explores Amanda's path, the challenges she's navigated, her advice for aspiring women in procurement, and the skills she deems essential for future leaders. 

Can you tell us about your journey in procurement? What inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

My journey into procurement was serendipitous and guided by my early love for the movie Beauty and the Beast, which inspired me to learn French. This passion led me to pursue a French major in college, complemented by a degree in international political economics. As graduation neared without a clear career path, I stumbled upon the role of a Buyer, which seemed intriguing because, well, who doesn't like buying things? My procurement career began at Schneider Electric, propelled by a blend of serendipity, education and the allure of international culture.

Can you share a challenge you've faced in your career and how you overcame it?

One of my first challenges was leading a change initiative to transition from onsite travel agents to an online booking tool at Schneider Electric. Despite skepticism and laughter at my ambitious compliance goals, I emphasized the importance of executive behavior in adopting new tools. By addressing the multifaceted aspects of change—not just technology—we achieved remarkable compliance, setting a precedent for my future in change management.

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to enter and succeed in a male dominated field?

First of all, things are changing. So, have hope in that! There are more and more women CPOs - an amazing amount, actually! As far as advice, one thing that I NEVER did was feel like I did not belong. Most of the time early in my career, I was the youngest and only woman in the room. But, I always told myself, I am here for a reason and add value at every turn. It was one thing that I think helped me to where I am today.

Where do you see the future of procurement heading, and what skills do you think will be essential for future leaders in this field?

The future of procurement is digital, data-driven, and deeply integrated into the strategic fabric of organizations. Future leaders must be adept at change management, technology adoption and fostering innovation. Skills in strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and cross-functional collaboration will be crucial, along with a solid understanding of sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.

Outside of work, what passions or hobbies do you pursue? How do they influence your professional life?

I spend a ton of time with my family. We love the outdoors, especially living in Las Vegas. We hike a lot and love exploring the desert southwest. It inspired us to start an RV rental business last year because we wanted to share that sense of adventure with people visiting this beautiful area of the world. I like to say I live my life with adventure - personally and professionally. My common response to things is, "Why the heck not? It will be a fun adventure."

In honor of Women's History Month, who are the women who have inspired you the most, both professionally and personally?

I have been blessed by so many women leaders in my career who are amazing mothers and have has successful careers in corporate and beyond. Some of them include Veronica DeLeon, Stacey Taylor and Megan Wilson. Sarah Scudder, Susan Walsh, Katie McEwen and Heather Fotch are all women founders who have been my guiding lights around starting Wonder Services. My best friend, Louise Finkenbinder, not only changed my career into what I do today, but has supported me through all my crazy adventures.

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