A world of wonder

Current business conditions are too crazy to become comfortable in your current position. Circumstances continue to change in an instant, in the most unexpected ways. As business owners and leaders, be driven to be curious, seek ways to improve, differentiate yourself, and dominate.

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Where should I go?
It depends on where you
want to end up.

Our Mission

We courageously make our clients stand above the rest. We do it simply. We do it as ALICE would do it. As, life is too crazy to get comfortable.

We are a full-service, engagement advisory firm offering leaders, and companies alike, a simple but powerful way to achieve more from their relationships. As entrepreneurs, we have a disciplined, growth philosophy to help clients master engagement, while always being real, just like ALICE.

Our Story

Starting an engagement firm during a global pandemic is no joke. There was no opportunity to have a plan as we got into this mess, Wonder Services is here to make sure your plan of action is firm moving forward.

We intensely serve our clients, while not holding back what needs to be said. Massive action takes maximum clarity and commitment.


Why she is important?

Compliance Based Relationships

 Rules rule the relationships and compliance is success. Encourages meeting minimum requirements. Creates a wait and see for further instructions; reactive environment. Suppresses motivation, collaboration, and innovation.

Fully Engaged Owners of Success

 Proactive approach to innovation and problem solving. Accepts challenges as opportunities and looks for collaborative, creative ways to achieve success. Rooted in accountability and trust. Motivated to win together.

When ALICE walks into the room, she has the same swagger as our clients.  Clients stand above the rest as they dominate their markets, they are different from the herd, and they look at this crazy life with wonder and opportunity all around them.