Designed by Practitioners, for Practitioners
Our consultants have played an integral part in transforming their previous companies. Based on our real-world experience, we have designed our firm and our solutions to conquer the reasons digital transformations fail. Every lesson learned, every “ah ha” moment is built into our methodology.
People First
For us, it’s not just about the tech. Adoption failures are people failures. Culture can poison your strategy. Our process puts people first, a magnifying glass on culture, a focus on the user experience and an emphasis on organizational design.
Measurable Results
“It’s no use going back to yesterday” – we identify success metrics up front, and measure along the way. Together we’ll know that we are achieving success.
Sustaining the Change
We’ve worked with consultants in our prior roles. Our proprietary ALICE methodology ensures innovation continues, long after we’re gone.
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Why Wonder

Wonder was born out of resistance and love. Resistance to accept a 70% failure rate for transformation initiatives and obtaining ROI. And a resistance to accept the oversimplified, “the people are the problem”. 
Our company was also born and built out of Love – love for the greater Procurement community and love for practitioners who are showing up every day, with everything they have despite being under-resourced and overloaded. 
We are a group of collegiate athletes, junior Olympians, marathoners who compete to win in our personal and professional endeavors. Our team is comprised of former CPOs and practitioners, with experience leading transformation efforts. Our promise, and our mission is to wow and win through transformation success. Wonder is radically different in our approach and our determination for sustained change.

Our team has assessed numerous technologies, led substantial transformations, designed and executed countless projects plans and written a great many business cases. It wouldn’t be possible to make our dream a reality without our clients and partners who have trusted us to serve them. We humbly share some of their comments.

"We had never looked at this as a company before working with Wonder Services. We are now aligned in how we are measuring success through our simplified workflow."
​​Director Procurement & Supply Chain, P2P Transformation, Global Manufacturer in over 70 countries
"We sat at the conference and realized that Wonder Services taught us all the important aspects of digital transformation. We cannot thank you enough."
Director, Procurement, US Based Manufacturer
"This training is incredible. Thank you for caring for our end users so much for putting in the effort into everything you do."
Chief Procurement Officer, US Based Manufacturer
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Meet Our Founder

Amanda Prochaska

Founder & Chief Wonder Officer

Amanda has built a notable 16-year career in procurement, grounded in the principles of wonder and adventure. She is recognized as a dynamic force, known both as a disrupter and a problem-solver, who combines curiosity with a people-first approach. Her professional journey has been remarkable, marked by leadership roles in digital and strategic transformations at prominent food and entertainment brands like ConAgra and MGM Resorts International.

An influential figure on LinkedIn, Amanda has cultivated global connections with supply chain professionals and spearheaded the inaugural global women’s organization for procurement. Throughout her tenure, she has supported countless business owners, especially during significant economic downturns.

Currently, Amanda serves as the Chief Wonder Officer at Wonder Services. She is also a founding chairman at the ISM Thought Leadership Council, where she actively contributes to publications such as Procurious and Supply Management. A sought-after speaker, Amanda frequently shares her insights at industry events, including Procurious Big Ideas and ISM.

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others”

Lewis Carroll