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A Message from Our Founder: Amanda Prochaska

The vision for Wonder Services started long ago at a Procurement conference.  At the time, I was about 10 years into my Procurement career and the people on stage were talking about “getting a seat at the table” and “I cannot do anything until my data is fixed” – the same exact topics that were being discussed when I started my career 10 years prior.

I left confused, upset and asking “What gives?”  Why, as a Procurement profession, are we circling around the same topics for decades?  I concluded that we are seemingly either comfortable with the same challenges or not asking the right questions.

Let’s take the topic of digital procurement transformation, as an example.  There is a lot of big talk about new technologies that are extremely promising.  But here is the stark reality of it all:

  • 30% of global B2B invoices are electronic as of early 2022
  • 66% of digital procurement transformations fail due to lack of adoption, according to Everest Group’s recent study
  •  56% of procurement leaders say they don’t have the right capabilities to lead digital transformation
  • 5% of Procurement leaders’ time is spent on developing and hiring their teams
  • And we are still talking about the seat at the table and data being horrible

In contrast, the Procurement profession has some of the brightest and most  passionate people I know.  Procurement is poised for greatness and has added a ton of value, vision,  and insight during the pandemic.  As my friend, Dr Elouise Epstein would say, now is the greatest time to be in Procurement. 

This inflection point is why Wonder Services was created in 2019.  Ultimately, we exist to help make each of our customers successful in their digital transformations.  We are on a mission to change the game and have 66% of transformations succeed.  Not for us, but for the world to have more reliable, agile, safe, and diverse Supply Chains well into the future.  And, we all know, Procurement is the center of making that happen

At Wonder Services, we know that to be successful in any digital journey, there is no use going back to yesterday.  We offer  a different approach to achieve different results.  So, we focus on 8 different aspects of change – technology, policy, data, metrics, process, culture, organization, with people in the center of it all.  These 8 elements of change all need to be considered for successful adoption of change and the ultimate return on investment.  

At Wonder Services, this is not our first journey.  All of our consultants have sat in the seat, within the business, being challenged on how to make the change happen, and sustain it,  within the organization.  We have learned what works from what did not, so we can help you avoid it in the first place. 

Since 2019, we have guided our clients to successfully tackle Coupa implementations, tail spend, ERP deployments, and beyond.  If you are a leader facing a transformation or you are dealing with a transformation that still needs some love, we would love to go on that journey together.  Bring Wonder. 

Interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a meeting with Amanda.