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Webinar | Elevating Procurement

Wonder Services, in collaboration with, recently hosted an illuminating webinar that's now accessible on our website. This engaging session, featuring an expert panel, provided deep insights into the rapidly evolving world of procurement and supply chain management. Here's a glimpse of the critical questions addressed and the expert insights shared.

  • Challenges in Procurement: Understanding the major obstacles currently faced by procurement organizations.
  • Evolving Roles: Insights into how procurement roles have transformed and gained significance.
  • Strategic Empowerment: Strategies, technologies, and actions for procurement professionals to enhance their influence within organizations.
  • Risk Management: Key focuses for procurement professionals to effectively prevent and manage risks.
  • Buyer-Supplier Dynamics: How relationships between buyers and suppliers have recently evolved.
  • Procurement's Strategic Value: Discussion on procurement’s increasing strategic role, including the top contributions professionals bring to this position.

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