The Pros & Cons of Working with a Boutique

Choosing between working with a boutique or a large consulting firm is a decision laden with implications. Both avenues offer distinct advantages and drawbacks that can significantly influence an organization’s procurement strategy.  In this article, we will explore both the pros and cons of working with a boutique firm. By delving into these key considerations,…

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Is Your Tail Spend Going Down a Rabbit Hole?

Managing tail spend has emerged as a pivotal challenge for organizations striving to maintain efficiency, cut costs and optimize supply chain operations. Often lurking in the shadows, tail spend refers to a number of low-value, infrequent transactions that, when overlooked, can rapidly morph into an insurmountable black hole of inefficiency and missed opportunities. Fortunately, there…

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How to Overcome Poor Governance on Digital Procurement Transformation

Digital transformation brings significant changes to today’s business landscape. The technology revolution is disrupting many industries, causing changes in customer behavior, organizational design, and business models. Procurement and supply chains are not exempt from these market dynamics.   The statistics would indicate the chances of successful digital transformation are quite low. As noted by Harry…

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Data – the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

A lack of data, or bad data, is often cited as an obstacle to launching a digital transformation. However, at Wonder Services, we see it differently. We see data issues and concerns as key drivers for a digital transformation. A digital transformation isn’t just about automating processes and driving cost efficiencies. A key benefit of…

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