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Leveraging Functional Systems Admins for Effective Change Management

Technological advancements are a constant force driving change in successful companies. These technological changes ripple through internal teams, affecting management, finance, IT, procurement, and all users of a new platform or system. To ensure a seamless transition, company leaders must invest in preparing and training all impacted teams.

When new tech is introduced, business leaders are also responsible for delivering ongoing technical and update support. They must also focus on continuous improvements to their operating systems while providing top-notch customer service and troubleshooting when issues arise.

Now, imagine a scenario wherein all the above responsibilities could be expertly managed by one single trained and fully licensed

Functional Systems Admins

Meet the Functional Systems Admin – an unsung hero in the corporate technology realm. These seasoned professionals not only assist management and executives in launching new technology, but also take charge of projects from their inception through completion and well into the future. 

Functional Systems Admins (FSAs) are the architects of efficiency, capable of saving companies both time and money by streamlining operations and elevating technological capabilities. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all FSAs can do to ensure greater end user adoption of your company’s new technology or system.  

In this article, we will explore the four specific ways in which these experts can provide your company with immediate and invaluable change management support.

1. Technical Support 

Functional Systems Admins are responsible for configuring and customizing new technology systems to align with an organization's specific needs and processes. They also ensure that new systems function optimally for a company's unique requirements. 

FSAs also manage user accounts, permissions, and roles within systems. They can set up user profiles, assign access levels, and ensure that the right individuals have appropriate access to specific functionalities. 

At Wonder Services, our trained FSAs have spent years familiarizing themselves with specific technologies. As a result, they are fully equipped to maintain our client’s unique system settings. When any issues arise, FSAs can swiftly troubleshoot and resolve problems. Their expert solutions drastically minimize downtime which saves our clients from any additional service expenses. 

2. Customer Service 

Employees within an organization will be utilizing new softwares or platforms for their day-to-day procurement and expense management activities. They will need to rely on a support administrator to address their direct queries or concerns. 
FSAs are fully capable of administering this personalized customer support. They are also skilled in training and onboarding new users. Properly managing these customer service aspects of a new platform are vital for a smooth tech transition and FSAs can play a key role in this process. 

Our skilled Wonder Services FSAs also design and deliver customized training sessions that cater to the specific requirements of different user groups within the organization. Additionally, FSAs can enhance user experiences by creating and maintaining essential documentation, such as user guides and training materials.

3. Continuous Improvement

New systems and technologies do not stay stagnant. 
Updates and upgrades are constantly being released. This requires someone in your company to be aware of those changes and make constant updates. Having an FSA allows a company to offload the responsibility of continuous software improvements to an external expert. 
Additionally, FSAs can ensure data integrity and accuracy by reviewing and cleaning up system data. They also work closely with the procurement and AP teams to ensure a new system is being utilized to its full potential. 
With a collective 125+ years of transformation & process design expertise, Wonder Services’ FSAs understand the complexities of your software. They have watched each of these procurement platforms grow and evolve over time. Nobody is better equipped to ensure that you are receiving the full benefits of any new system you are implementing

4. Increased User Adoption 

The presence of a dedicated FSA is crucial in navigating the complexities of change within a company. The support of an FSA plays a vital role in facilitating end-user adoption of new technologies. 

By providing top-tier support and guidance, FSAs empower employees to embrace the new systems. As a result, companies are better able to successfully unlock the full potential of their new tech and more cost-effectively achieve its strategic objectives.
Our Wonder Services approach ensures that change isn't just implemented but embraced and sustained. We will work together with your team to cultivate a culture of lasting transformation. With clear communication strategies and measurable success metrics, our FSAs can help you drive changes that align with your goals and empower your team to excel in an evolving landscape.  

If you would like to add one of our expert FSAs to your team, let us know today! 

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