Expedite implementation.
With a combined 125+ years experience in digital and strategic transformations we know the reasons digital transformations fail and how to conquer them, streamlining your implementation from the beginning.
Put people first.
For us, it’s not just about the tech. Adoption failures are people failures. Our process puts people first, a magnifying glass on culture, a focus on user experience and an emphasis on organizational design.
Measure results.
We identify success metrics up front, and measure along the way. Together we’ll know that we are achieving success.
Sustain Change.
Our proprietary ALICE methodology ensures innovation continues, long after we’re gone.
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Leading Procurement Organizations are:

Managing tail spend

Increasing catalog usage

Simplifying end user experience

Finding new savings opportunities

Deploy Amazon Business with Wonder.

As an Amazon Business Implementation Partner, Wonder Services provides:

Amazon Business system integrations

Amazon Business roll out strategy development

Increased adoption of Amazon Business

Tail spend management through Amazon Business

Why Amazon Business?

Amazon Business Offers Integrations and Insights Needed for Smarter Business Buying.

With Amazon Business you can:
Control Tail Spend
Set efficient workflows and approvals to control tail spend and minimize rogue purchases before they happen.
Consolidate suppliers
Use Amazon Business’ selection to reduce expensive supplier overhead
Avoid Contract Negotiation
Let Amazon Business do the work for quantity discounts on bulk purchases
Increase Payment Efficiencies
You can choose between paying for your purchases with a credit card or invoice for maximum flexibility
Access Business Prime
Advanced analytics and dashboards, custom purchasing policy controls, and unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible items
Apply Tax Exemptions
Use your tax exemption across your organization by enrolling in the Amazon Tax Exemption program
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Product One Pagers

Preview of the Amazon Business Integrated Search one pager

Integrated Search

With Amazon Business Integrated Search, users can seamlessly search for and select products from Amazon Business without leaving your existing e-procurement system. Empower your users to conveniently search and shop from your spend management or procurement tools, reducing clicks and saving valuable time.
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A preview of the Amazon Business Puchout onepager.

Punchout Integration

Access Amazon Business while maintaining the compliance, management, and control provided by your existing system. By leveraging Punchout Integration, you can ensure compliance with your organization's buying policies and effectively manage end-to-end reconciliation electronically using eInvoice with ease.
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