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Deb Colitas - Chief Hustle Officer
Amanda Prochaska - Chief Wonder Officer

In deciding to click around our site to learn more, you are curious, willing to explore, and seeking to learn about how to grow and improve. You, my friend, have a sense of Wonder. Little did we all know just a short time ago that the current road would be such a treacherous one. The entire world has shifted in action, trade, travel, and most drastically perspective.

Companies dominating the marketplace today are those who held a skill set prior to COVID in how to purposely engage with those who matter most in their world: clients, team members, suppliers, and others. Purposeful engagement leads to inspiration, guiding the needed team to win together through unrecognizable times.

From our Fortune 500 experience and entrepreneurial perspective, we have reverse engineered the success of proper engagement, and this is how ALICE came to be.

Credits to Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We invite you to meet ALICE and when you do, you will come to realize that purposeful engagement not only increases profitability and success, but it liberates. Wonder Services was founded to share ALICE with the world, enhancing each and every relationship we encounter.

Are you ready to meet ALICE?

Credits to Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

ALICE Visionaries. Tag Team Wonders.

Amanda Prochaska
Founder & Chief Wonder Officer

After a career in the Fortune 500 business world and becoming a business owner myself, here is what I now know: Success only comes through the curiosity and courage to become a better leader and better person each and every day.

My story is one of adventure. Within the corporate world, I took new roles, new job opportunities, and projects to explore the unknown. By the time my oldest daughter was 10, we had moved together 10 times. Our intention was not to be nomadic, but moving gave us a whole world to explore. At 36, I decided to walk away from a Vice President role, my dream role, at MGM Resorts International to join the adventurous world of entrepreneurship. I am excited to bring my experience and knowledge to you.

Deb Colitas
Founder & Chief Hustle Officer

18 Businesses – this is the current count of how many startups I have been a part of launching and running over the past 20+ years. Some, phenomenal success stories! Others can only be classified catastrophic losses. DO you know what happens between success and failure? You learn to be adventurous, take risks, brush yourself off, and develop a hustle like no other.

The biggest blessing? Every day I am able to take my experience and add value to others. I’ve most likely seen it, lived it, survived and grown from a similar business issue that you are facing right now. ALICE is not just a cute acronym – she is a business lifestyle that has allowed success to be the consistent outcome.